AZ Fine Candles Wax Melts

  • Soy Wax
  • Single Scent and Variety
  • Huge Selection of Scents
  • Aluminum Cups

Arizona Fine Candles Soy Wax Melts have superior scent throw and melting characteristics. Arizona Fine Candles Wax Melts have a small cup that contains the wax during melting.  This allows you to dispose of the used wax, or change the scent as you would like.  Just wait for the wax melt to cool so you can remove it for disposal, or to change scents, for safety.  Arizona Fine Candles works hard to not be either too strong or too weak! The team at Arizona Fine Candles test each and every scent to get the best balance for each scent for optimum pleasure. The 11 gram melts are very large.  Once you try a Arizona Fine Candles Wax Melt you will never settle for anything else!

The aluminum cup makes clean up a breeze!  You can also switch scents the same way!  Just wait for it to cool, you shouldn't handle hot wax.  Then throw it away or switch the melt for the desired scent!

Arizona Fine Candles are brought to you by Flicker & Flair so you know that they are the pinnacle of luxury.  Arizona Fine Candles are offered in over 35 scents that compliment all of the Flicker & Flair products!


Give Arizona Fine Candles alone or in a gift set.


Best of all they are hand crafted in Kingman, Arizona.

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12 of 47 Items