'Going Green' Whipped Sugar Scrub

Flicker & Flair

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Bring the rainforest home with Going Green. Imagine the leaves of the tall trees as they catch the rainfall.

in Flicker & Flair Natural Whipped Sugar Scrub

  • Extra Luxurious
  • Super Effective
  • Huge Selection of Scents
  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing or Cruelty
  • 300 Grams

Flicker & Flair whipped sugar scrubs clean, exfoliate, and moisturize all in one use. It starts with a mild whipped soap base for cleansing; sugar is added for its gentle and natural exfoliation properties; then the oils, butters and aloe to ensure that hydration saturates the skin for a smooth and silky touch that won't leave you (or your shower) feeling greasy.